Telemetry is rapidly becoming standard practice for clinical studies. CardioLabs provides a diverse range of cardiac telemetry solutions that can be customized to your study's clinical requirements. Our key telemetry solutions include:

  • Wireless in-patient telemetry and vital signs monitors - CardioLabs offers real-time vital signs and 12-lead EKG monitoring. Our web based solution allows remote monitoring from multiple locations of subjects. Monitoring is performed over WiFi or 3G cell phone network.

  • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry - Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry or mobile cardiovascular telemetry monitors allow subjects to be monitored remotely for extended studies. Cardiac data is captured and automatically sent via cell phone to our central lab. Full Disclosure of the data is available.

  • Web-based reporting software - Reports and clinical data from mobile cardiovascular telemetry monitors can be accessed online via our secure Clinical Web Portal..