CardioLabs' Clinical PM Pro has been designed to respond to CROs' growing need for online services. Using the latest Internet technology, CardioLabs offers clinical sites the flexibility to transmit or access cardiac data electronically. These convenient services include:

  • Online access to reports - Using our secure HIPAA-compliant network, your staff can access subject data online. Reports can be viewed, printed, or downloaded and attached to an Electronic Medical Records chart.

  • Cloud-based technology - Through our secure and encrypted web portal, our advanced cardiac recorders can stream EKG live to our 24/7 monitoring lab for immediate analysis and monitoring.

  • Secure data upload - Upon completing a Holter study, clinical staff can transfer the data electronically to our lab where it will be edited and reviewed. Reports are posted within 24 hours.

  • VPN Services - Virtual private networks can be established between clinical facilities and our lab. Let us work with your IT team to develop the very best network to support your clinical needs.