CardioLabs is a leading provider of Holter monitoring and cardiac diagnostic services for patient care and clinical trial studies. Our services include Cardiac Event monitoring, Holter monitoring, Mobile Cardiovascular Telemetry, and 12-Lead Resting EKG. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed expertise in disciplines such as pediatric monitoring and post Ablation Atrial Fibrillation monitoring.
20 years of experience. Merging technology, customer service, and clinical excellence allows CardioLabs to provide the very best cardiac monitoring services to clinics, hospitals, and VA facilities nationwide. CardioLabs provides physicians with concise and useful diagnostic data.
Cardiac Data Capture, Analysis, and Management. CardioLabs provides excellence in capturing and analyzing 12-Lead Resting EKG, Holter monitoring, Mobile Cardiovascular Telemetry, and Cardiac Event monitoring data for clinical trial studies. Offering the latest real-time 12-EKG monitoring worldwide.